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    I don't know how old the rods are cos my mate who lent me the welder gave me 3 full packs of different sized rods. I had another play today and I was able to strike the arc more consistently so maybe just a bit more practice needed.
    I will try warming some rods in the oven and yeah I am practising on off cuts ATM. Wouldn't dare try it on my frame yet!
    Cheers Charlie

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    It's definitely worth getting some nice new rods, they're not that expensive and make all the difference! I had some old rods and was struggling to strike an arc and I got fed up and bought a bix of new ones. You'll be amazed at the I'm not a good welder, in fact I'm pretty rubbish (bloody love my grinder!!!!!) but decent rods are a must :)


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    One oldschool trick is to strike the electrode and let it stick for a few seconds until it starts to "sweat". Then use it as normal. I would only use this method when emergency and out of good try electrodes...

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    Just a quickie to show my progress (Or lack of it!) My welding is improving now, still not great but better than before.
    It seems I was upping the ampage to compensate for my complete inability to weld but now I have the hang of it the amps are set right for the rod size and the welds are starting to look like real welds
    Cheers, Charlie

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    Getting there, welding still looks like pigeon sh*t but at least it looks like it will hold together now.
    Cheers, Charlie

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    This welding lark is doing my head in! 4 weeks on and all I seem to do is weld, break of the slag and clean only to discover it welds on either the plate or box section but very rarely both together, my box section is getting thinner and thinner from grinding back :-( I am now also at the mercy of the weather so got knows when the frame will be finished but I need to make sure my welding's better before I start on the top rails. I keep watching youtube, playing about with different rods, amps and angles, bought a new visor with adjustable darkness so I can actually see what I'm doing but I think I just can't weld!
    Cheers, Charlie

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    Stick @ it Charlie.
    One of the reasons i opted for a TIG setup is that you can see exactly whats going on and you know the two bits are fused.
    Frame looks good M8

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    Cheers, it's just so frustrating going over the same thing again, thinking you've cracked it only to discover its as bad as the last one!

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    Charlie, my welding is the same as yours. I think I've cracked it and then lay a weld that's just attached to one piece...just keep at it. Law of averages means that although you might get through lots of grinding discs you'll get there eventually by having more goid welds than bad ones!!


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    I think it would be prudent to do some more test welds, try turning up the amps a bit and try to hold a short arc.
    Good luck

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