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    Reposted due to price reduction:

    Very good condition, made in UK. This router has had very little use since it was acquired in June
    2013, Must go due to change of plans. Cost over 14,000 when new.


    • 1000 x 1300mm working area.
    • 25mm aluminium bed with tapped hole grid.
    • 175mm Z axis clearance.
    • Includes hiwin/THK precision ballscrew drive,
    • 20mm hiwin/THK rails, steel gantry
    • 2.2Kw, 24k RPM water-cooled spindle.
    • + Spare Spindle (unused).
    • + Spare Inverter (unused).
    • Handheld axis control.
    • Flood coolant system.
    • Coolant pump, tube and nozzle, reservoir, raised perimeter coolant side guards.


    Can be seen working by arrangement.

    7000 + VAT

    ​Ebay Listing:

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