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    Hi Kip

    No they are 210's as for the speaker boxes that is one of the things I would like to have a go at. So much to do so little time to do it I wish I had started when I was 20 ; )

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    Looookinng good Andy!

    I happened to run a price check against linear bearings on eBay last night, I noticed you on their feedback having purchased the spindle.

    Interesting, what are they like in terms of noise over a conventional Router?

    Any noticeable "run out" on the spindle or have you not got that far yet?

    Just wondering what they would be like against the ones Gary is selling. Also how did they ship it to you, are you expecting a tax bill to come in or?

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    Hi Lee

    Very very quiet as for the runout I havn't got that far. No tax bill ; ).

    I think you can buy exactly the same set up cheaper from other sellers, but I used this seller due to the amount of people who had used him and he is very helpful plus plenty of people to help out, although I must say with the english manual the VFD was quite easy to set up. The plan is to control it through Mach using the CNC4PC BOB I have, as it has a 0 to 10 volt output to control the speed.

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    Hi Andy,

    Looks good!

    Where in Notts are you?

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    Ok thanks andy ill keep looking !

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    Hi Michael

    Sutton-in-Ashfield just off Junc 28 of the M1.

    Lee just one thing to be aware of with spindles if noise is a factor,the water cooled ones are reportedly much quieter.


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    Ok andy thanks for the info, maybe if you find time you could send me a little movie of the spindle running, i can upload it to youtube if need be.

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    You must want to make some biiiiiig PCBs, Andy!

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    I hav'nt got a clue what I will be using it for, I will be stripping it back down soon to make some changes for the bigger spindle.

    Lee I will video the spindle running and post on here as soon as.


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    Hi All

    Just posted this on Youtube for anybody that is interested, not very exciting but thought it would give people some idea on the noise levels of the water cooled spindles.


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