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    My air cooled one is a lot quieter than that, in fact when I video'd it it was dead silent.

    Then I found out that my Panasonic camera had video but no sound :heehee:

    A word of warning with these spindles, some, not all of the Chinese sellers are specifying NSK bearings but they don't have NSK's fitted but a generic no brand Chinese bearing.

    Unfortunately unless you strip one there is no way of knowing, many of the sellers are also just resellers and not manufacturers so asking a question isn't forced to get you a truthful answer.
    The next bling gotta have is Ceramic bearings

    Ceramic bearings from a well known maker are good for high speeds, not so well known makers are rubbish and the problem is, crash a spindle with ceramic bearings and they are toast, even the best ones.

    Personally I'd sooner replace a set of decent bearings every year than take a chance.
    John S -

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    Hi John

    Thanks for the info, the seller of this spindle did'nt specify any make of bearing so will more than likely be a cheapo one. I have to strip down the top half to connect an earth cable so I will take a peek at the bearing while I'm on with it.


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    Just a quick video of my machine pocketing out some MDF.

    My machine is in bits at the moment so I will hopefully get something a bit more interesting
    posted once rebuilt.

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    Very impressive noise levels Andy, I have to get one

    How do you intend doing the watercooling?

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    Hi Jeff

    Well I'm impressed (but that don't take much) I think most of the noise in the video is coming from the VFD cooling fan.For the water cooling I am going to try a CPU cooling setup, I have seen one over on CNC Zone donethis way and they say it works well,we will have to see.
    I am hoping to get all the machining finished tomorrow so I can start to rebuild my machine, so hopefully in the next fortnight should see it running again with the new spindle setup. (and some MODBUS functions) :geek:


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    Hi all just a quick update for anyone that might be interested.

    After running my newly built router I decided that it could do with a few tweeks.
    The first photo shows the front view of the new X axis mount plate I have removed the center bearing rail cut it down and used two pieces to join onto the other two rails to make two longer rails with two carriages on each. This has given me full travel of my ball screw so should get about 750 to 800 mm of travel.

    The second photo is a side view of the above.

    The third photo shows the bolting arrangement of the 160mm x 80mm Item section this was added to lift the gantry so the Y axis rails can be mounted on the underside of the table as opposed on the side.

    The rest of the photo's are just various views of the upgrades, the last two are of a proposed PC control cabinet, I have already mounted the 15 inch screen which was just a nice fit the space underneath the screen will be for various buttons to control Mach via Modbus.

    I will mount this to the side of the machine with some type of articulated arm so it can be positioned out of the way when not in use.

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    Hi All

    Well I have had my upgraded (I think) machine running tonight,it's been a long time happening

    Some photo's just to show what I have been up to.

    1: Showing the new water cooled spindle mounted.

    2: A close up of the above

    3:Back view showing VHD and water cooling system(to be finished)

    4:The Pilz relay control enclosure with the 24v control power supply and mains filter feeding the VFD. I fitted two new e-stops both with twin contacts the pilz relay monitors both channels just some extra safety I did'nt want 3HP running a mock in my garage

    5:View of inside the finished control panel now with a bleed resistor fitted to drain the caps this is wired through a normaly closed pair of contacts on the Pilz safety relay.

    6: Some engraving I did tonight just to try it out, which I was fairly pleased with.

    I still have things to finish but at least I'm up and running again

    I will try and upload the video I took of the machine running tomorrow.
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Name:	Finished Control.jpg 
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Name:	Radman engrave.jpg 
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    That's neat wiring, nice job.
    John S -

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    Thanks John

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    Top job Andy, very nice looking build.

    Where in Nottingham are you? I may have to come round and have a look at it and pick your brain on the spindle front.

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