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    Just off Junc 28 of the M1, you are welcome anytime.


    Oh and thanks for the comments

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    Here's the first video, all its doing here is engraving MDF with a Router V bit.

    The spindle is running at 12000 RPM not sure what the feedrate was I was to busy watching what the spindle was doing.

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    This video is much the same only this time cutting some plastic laminate material.

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    Hey Andy.
    that first video, if you play it backwards and speed it up it's playing the Beatles "Let it be " :rofl:
    John S -

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    Nice lol

    Some people have too much time on their hands :lmao:

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    Well, don't know about "let it be" by the beatles but listening to it on youtube sounds more like Chewbacca from Star Wars.

    Andy, that nice looking machine of yours is making some odd noises, is that the stepper motors i can hear????

    But, John does know how to make stepper motors sing, he did get them playing "auld lang syne" or something similar a few weeks back.

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    It was actually 76 Tombones, not into this philistine cat murdering music from north of Telford.

    John S -

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    Who the f^&k is Tom Bones???? Are you getting mixed up with Tom Jones, I know you like to wear your shirt unbuttoned and that gold madellion is a bit over the top but never wanted to mention it until now.

    But seriously, try and get that recorded and stick it on the forum because I do remember it being quite good...

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    Hi Steve

    Yes it is the steppers you can hear, they were turning very slowly and I hav'nt finished setting them up yet so might be that, or might be just the noise they make.

    I have had it running a bit faster this afternoon and sounded ok so not sure whats going on in the vid?


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    I have now tuned my steppers and they sound alot different now ; )

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