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    We are a new European company called Rat Rig! We specialize in hardware for Linear Motion and Rigs for multimedia in general. You can
    get to know us at:


    We are a producer of the V-Slot extruded aluminium profile. At the moment we are the only Portuguese producer and probably the only
    European producers of V-Slot. This finally allows easy, cheap and fast access for this type of aluminium profile to Europeans. Until now,
    long waits, customs charges and high shipping costs from the USA were a problem. Our V-Slot is made locally in Portugal. V-Slot is a 2 in 1
    profile in that it is both a modular structure beam, and an integrated linear motion rail.

    We have just started our initial V-Slot sale campaign, for both the general public and potential distributors:


    If you want to learn more about the profile and its applications:

    Whether you are a 3d printer shop, diy hobbyist or a robotics specialist we are interested in hearing from you! Contact us if you
    are interested in being a re-seller or distributor.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Kind regards,

    Hardware for creatives

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    Are you going to be stocking larger sections?

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    Currently we only manufacture 20x20 V-Slot!

    We will also be selling larger sections locally like 20x60 and 20x80 soon. If you are in the UK checkout robocutters.co.uk for those!


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    Are you going to be stocking larger sections?

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