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    Hi all,

    as title suggests I want a compressed air/mist lubrication system for my CNC so I can cut some aluminum. I have the potential for some work which relies on me being able to consistently slice aluminum. I have a compressor running a vortex tube cooler so combined with mist lubrication I should be sorted.



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    Is this a suggestion or do you have one for sale?

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    Just a suggestion, i was toying with the idea of getting one for my lathe.

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    Bumping this to see if anyone can help, advise or has one to sell . . . . .

    I have imminent work that could do with me being able to slice aluminium.

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    Hi Buddy
    Have you considered making one ?. I was looking @ one last week(had it bookmarked on another PC that i only use infrequently) and it uses a water filter housing identical to one that i have just bought off Amazon for GBP15.
    Bowl is filled with coolant, regulator controls inlet pressure to the bowl. outlet is 3/4 BSP Female, has an adaptor with two small bore tubes brazed in it. one just takes air from the housing the other has a small tube going to the bottom of the filter bowl to pick up the coolant. two tubes from the adaptor go to a mixing head were you can control quantity of air & coolant.

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    That sounds like a good option - I have rung around a few companies and I'm looking at 600 quid for a UK sourced system. This makes me want to build one! I Would be interested in any links you might have to home brew systems that I could read up on.

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    Will go get the link after my tea, the only tricky bit will be the mixing head as it will have a couple of needle valves in it, but it's doo-able if you have a lathe or search online for small needle valve and you could combine the two.

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    http://www.cnczone.com/forums/genera...nt-mister.html is one of the best threads I've seen. Probably worth a search for mister over on cnczone aswell.
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