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    thanks Neale, some interesting thoughts there. Far too rational and considered to be on a public form! :-) yes, It's not only technical skill that varies, communications skills vary too.

    This topic might be of interest to posters and lurkers alike, although perhaps in its own thread rather than hidden in a build log?

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    Well said Neale. (Even thou some of the negative could be aimed at me. . lol)

    Everyone lurks to some degree. I did and still do on other none CNC forums where I deem my knowledge of little help.
    Has can be seen here I'm not afraid to stick my head up and I'm a crack shot at blowing heads off if I feel the need. What stops me from posting on other forums is that unless I'm 100% sure and preferably thru experience of what I'm talking about then I don't comment as I know from experience with helping with CNC that others who don't EVER speak but at same time grab onto any info provided. This speaking without full knowledge or first hand experience can and does send people down the wrong path, even when not meant to do so, but still it does and I'm aware of it so very careful not to give diffinative answers and I make it very clear if I'm not 100% sure.
    If others did the same then there be less head butting I'm sure.!! The theorist's and "know it all but never done it" types you'll never escape and IMO they deserve blasting if they comment with authority having never done it and sending people wrong.!!

    Sweety pie dreams I'm still curious to why.? . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    ...Even thou some of the negative could be aimed at me...
    nah, you're from yorkshire, you're excused! lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetdream View Post
    nah, you're from yorkshire, you're excused! lol.

    Ahh but it's the Irish in me that brings out the Devil. .

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