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    Hello all,

    (Mod, please don't delete. This is not a spam post! If I have posted in the wrong section, sorry)

    Apologies in advance, for the sketchy info...

    New member here in Bavaria, Germany(expat).
    I have joined this forum for the specific purpose of finding CNC operators.

    A contact of mine in Bavaria is looking for a number of CNC operators, officially 12. Maybe 30 in total. Should be familliar with Siemens 840D, among others.

    My contact has asked me to assist in finding them, so I came here. I hope am in the right place. It has been requested that I do not yet release the name of the company, for the following reason. The company does not want any third party employment agencies involved. The company prefers a more direct approach. Any successful applicants will work for and be paid directly by the company itself. No third party '0 hour' contracts to worry about. And no agency taking most of the money.

    I do not yet have any details on salary, as the job itself is paid according to a tariff here in Germany. As far as I know the company is willing to help with accommodation, maybe even cover the full costs. Age/experience is also not a major factor. Fitness, effectiveness, excellence, ability to learn and reliability are the key factors. You must also be willing to work abroad.

    An ability to speak/read/write German, is expected. Either you already can, or you would be willing to attend a crash course. Will obtain more details regarding the language requirements..

    If any of you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me. I will then provide you with my email address. If you could email me a copy of your CV, preferably with a covering letter. (A covering letter is not a must) I will then forward it on immediately. I or my contact will reply to all suitable applicants with full job details, including company info, ASAP. Interviews will either be conducted face to face over in the UK, or via telephone. Applicants deemed unsuitable, will also be notified. You won't be left hanging on a rope. The company is a very reputable company, and has contracts with a Major UK company.



    Minimum of 12 vacancies.
    35-38 hour week
    Minimum salary set by tariff - paid in Euros
    Download the following pdf from http://www.igmetall.de/internet/docs...a284906d1e.pdf

    The Pdf is in German, but should be self explanatory. Look for EG5/Bayern in table.
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    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your vacancies with the community, I've made adjustments to your thread and moved it to the relevant section, please use this sub section for job opportunities you would like to share.

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    No problem and thank you. I was wondering whether or not to ask for it to be moved...

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