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    Im hoping for a bit of help here,im completely useless with electronics I have a cnc that another lad wired up .
    But this time round ive tried to get as far as I can get without posting and cant say im enjoying it lol.
    theres an image below of how far ive gotten with it,its for an x3 conversion,feel free to tell me if Im doing something wrong.
    the power supply is 68volts and was a kit someone put together a while back for me, drivers are 70v
    bobs a cheap kl-db25.
    ive overlooked/think I need a 5v power supply to the breakout board and wondered what you recommend I do.
    is there anything off the shelf I can use that I could plumb into this 5v thanks
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    any normal old phone charger, wifi router power supply, etc., just look to be 4-6v , >1A, though as i see your board has no relays, may be >500mA could power it without problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by silyavski View Post
    any normal old phone charger, wifi router power supply, etc.,
    thanks fella,i did come across that as a solution elsewhere but it was shot down by some due to not being a regulated 5v.

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    Most PSU from 1A and up are regulated in fact. That's how i power the BOB of my last build. I have opened last year for this and that at least 10 and only one of them was not regulated.

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    I should have some of those knocking around so I will dig em out,thanks

  7. Something like ies_ET&hash=item418388727b]this [/URL] would give you 5v for the BOB and 12v for limit/home switches, etc. And easier to mount and probably more reliable than a wall wart long term

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    thanks a lot irving it comes up invalid link but this look to be it will give that a go ;)

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    I've got plenty - come and grab one at the weekend if you want. I get them for about 20-50p from the car boot so you can have it for nothing.
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    just bought a couple of those in the link jon but thanks for the offer ;)

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    I have checked some old mobile phones chargers 5V < 1A and are not regulated.
    Maybe a post regulation to these chargers with an LDO regulator is a solution for isolated power supply.
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