I'm a Mechanical Engineer starting my own business making a full suspension mountain bike frame I've designed.
I'm currently trying to get the 1st prototype made in time for "Eurobike", which is a huge bicycle show in Germany, at the end of August.

I've sourced most of the parts, have a friend helping with some of the simpler machined parts, and I had some parts 3d printed, but I need to find someone/somewhere to make this one Aluminium part - within the next 2-3 weeks.
It's a fairly complex part, with a few set-ups. Dimensions approx 66mm x 105mm x 70mm.
I've had a quote of 400+VAT, if anyone is interested in quoting please get in touch and I'll send pdf & STEP file. The attachment option doesn't seem to be working - maybe because I'm new?