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    Sounds like the usual translation of a manual. See if your friend can convert it to a CAT scanner, will make more money than a CNC machine.

    Good luck.


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    Hi Al

    We have been too busy to really look into things properly yet. now you have your machine how is it running? im still struggling to decide if i should go down the new from china or a 2nd hand established brand, SCM, masterwood etc etc.

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    HI Jim

    The machine is running very well indeed, the control software (DSP) took only a short while to master, very easy to use, hand held terminal very useful, not as feature rich as Mach3 but is doing the job quite adequately. It is a lot of machine for the money, more than I expected to be honest, very solid. There is no way I could have built my own machine to the spec provided and I have a brand new machine at less than the cost of a second hand branded machine. Yes support is an issue, mainly due to the location of the supplier but I am confident that the machine will meet my demands easily. The electrical and motor parts should be fairly easy to obtain (leadshine) should they ever need replacing should they ever need replacing. I could have bought an entire spare machine and still been better off than going the second hand route lol.
    Need any more info just PM me.


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    Hi Atesi
    I would be very very very happy to get the Syntec 6MB Manual, as I have no chinese friend, unfortunately :-)
    Hoping for your kind pity!

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