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    Ive lapped the slide ways in and lock tighter the gib screws in place but when the slide way reaches a certain point it starts to jam. Not sure what this is. Also i would like to adjust the Z because when you use the fine adjustment and then touch the drilling handle it drops 2-3 mm which causes damage to the work you are doing. Little annoying and would like to sort it before going CNC.

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    This bloody machine is driving me CRAZY !!!! Everything is falling out of place ! The spindle is 0.3 out some how and the table rocks like hell!! I need some help fellas.

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    Ok panic avoided, the machine has gone back to Arceuro and I've got a refund. Not what I'm looking for what so ever. it is too flimsy and cheap for my uses. I would have liked to make something on it but it incapable of even drilling a hole.

    Ive ordered a new AMA25LV which is a far more substantial machine. IT will be delivered soon but it weighs over 2 times what the siege does so it will be a monster to shift!! IT will accept CNC easily too which is always good.

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    New machine arrives tomorrow and I'll update the forum when I have shifted it out the crate :D

    Just cleared all this shit out the garage :)

    The machine is going on this solid oak table so it will not move an inch !!

    The gray table is no more :) sledge hammer + crowbar = flat, ahahahahahaahhahahaha

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Onocyclone View Post

    The machine is going on this solid oak table so it will not move an inch !!
    You'll be surprised how much a supposedly solid table does move when a CNC'd table changes direction at speed!

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    Tie your bench to the wall with a couple of heavy angle brackets, two hammer fixings in the wall, one for each bracket, should keep the table from jiggling too much,

    - Nick

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    Yes I've jammed the table into a corner too. I now need to think about where I'm going to hide all of the electrics. I would like to use black flexible trunking like the real CNC machines use in industry. Some nice tidy holes in the table so all the electrics are completely out of the way. I will then plaster board the walls and hide the wires that go up to a tv screen with a keyboard and mouse coming out of the wall on a pivot hinge !

    It's all coming together now ! The machine is now in the garage but I'm at work now so I'll un-box it around 4:15 :D this thing weights a ton !

  8. What it needs is some diagonal x-bracing... and being tied to the wall...

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    Yes, I plan on supporting the under neath too with a triangle cross member. I'll support the back with two right angle brackets that bolt to the under side out of sight.

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    Just got a final design for the chip guards, i machined something aggressively today and it held up extremely well ! but the chips are EVERů

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