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    The LEDs behave the same with no motors connected (there was just 1 connected in the video)

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    Did you try a different computer ? Is it currently a desktop or laptop ?
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    new findings: forget what I thought before about the drivers all being equal.

    When I disconnect the inputs and outputs from the non-used drivers (easy with plug in modules :) ) I find that I only get the malfunctions when using driver2, drivers 1 and 3 can't be made to fault by pressing the jogs on the other axes.

    I will go run this simple test on the BOB X and Z outputs in a bit (if driver2 doesn't fault on the X or Z axis then the BOB is also involved in the problem).

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    Obvious but it's got to be said, make sure all the drivers have the same settings/links re. this manual (which I guess will be the right one ?)
    Also make sure any wiring is well clear of the Enable pins.
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    This looks very much like Keyboard trouble so Try another keyboard.!!

    Also one thing to try is another parallel port cable. Did this one come with the machine or is it one you've sourced.? I've seen many weird things like this happen and it be the parallel port cable.

    Do all the axis move ok with G-code commands.

    Also where did you get Mach3 from did it come with the machine.? Wgat version number is it.? You'll find it in the help under about.!
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    Yes that's why I asked about another computer, also is the BOB powered by USB only or does it have a 12/24v supply ?
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    dip switches are all the same (I adjusted them from 16micro steps to 8 yesterday).

    Mach3 is latest version from Mach3 website.

    Will try a different cable (I'd like to dismiss this, but my given one failure of deduction already I'm more open to testing).

    I got the graunchy sound (which I thought was ballnut, but now think it is motor caused) also when using Gcode. I haven't cut anything yet so don't know about circles.

    I just ran my tests using the X and Z outputs from the BOB (alone with no other connection) and got the same result, ie the fault only occurs when using driver2. different output from BOB also means different keyboard key and different pin on parallel port, so tends to rule those out as cause.

    Defect appears to be in driver2 and maybe also BOB? I can't work out how pressing eg Y axis (with no driver connected) can cause problem on X axis, other than the BOB also being at fault.

    I'm about to put the gantry back on and try driving X and Y using drivers 1 and 3. Which hopefully should work.

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    I almost don't want to mention this, using driver1 (a supposed good one) I did an extended test for the graunchy sound, after about 5mins of up and down (still just the long axis, no gantry) it started to make a bit of a noise.

    This leads me to think the ballnut is fine and the noise is related to the drive problem. Driver2 starts to breakdown(?) quickly, Driver1 breaks down after longer time. I don't know what I mean by break down, maybe a heat thing? (I'll put my hand on the heatsink next time).

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    So I've established that D2 faults even when by itself. D1 and D3 do not fault.

    When I use D1 and D3 together, D1 faults (whether it is X or Y axis). Go to about 2:40 to see the problem demonstrated.

    I did a prolonged test with the strongest driver D3 on the long axis, almost no graunching noise after 10mins (, except at 9:21 !) video:

    I've now tested some GCODE, same fault. eg zigzg lines don't work on one diagonal.

    My 1flute cutters arrived so I had to make my first cut in delrin, 11000rpm DOC 1mm feed 1100mm/min. It was quite loud, the delrin was in a vice clamped to the table. It's all a bit like an aluminium drum at the moment, I will have to add a layer of something once I've thought about how I'm going to clamp my work etc
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    Hi iv just picked up a 60/40 just the same as yours but it has the all in one board. Iv had problems with my motors as well. if i set the tuning to what they say in the set up sheet, Then run them at 100 jog they jam when i running them up and down. they run for about 50mm then jam. I have set the motor tuning to half what they say and they seem to run ok. so that would be 400 1000 100 . Iy runs slower but no horrible crunching. This is my first cnc so i dont know enuf to know if this is ok but its running.

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