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    Morning Jazz
    I'll go get the actual machine settings and G code file in a short while...
    The V Carve program Material Setup window is shown on the BMP pic which might help when I post the one I have from the machine computer with the info I have in it and the code
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Setings screen vcarve.bmp 
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ID:	13235

    I'm sure it's me not setting the software correctly.
    Fortunately I have tracked down through Linked-In one of the guys that worked at eMach as a technician and he's going to help me over the phone to check out the machine too...
    If you can't fix it with a hammer you've got an electrical problem !

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    Mine is different:-

    Attachment 13236
    as you can see so the gcode will help. ..Clive

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    Hi Clive,

    Looks like your version is V6, which is what I have on the actual tooling machine PC.

    This morning I have made progress, in that after talking to Will Stirling, the man who was install and build tech at eMach I have discovered the G code extension should be G-Code Arcs (mm) .tap

    After playing around with axis settings again I have SUCCESSFULLY cut out a letter ! (WOOOT !)

    All I neeed to do now is refine the process to give a better finish and fine tune and I *think* I'm up and running... albeit staggering at the mo LOL!

    This forum is a goldmine of help, and without you guys I might have been tempted to give up before I start... Now I need to get designing and make some stock
    If you can't fix it with a hammer you've got an electrical problem !

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    Glad you got it sorted. Its a big high when you do your first successful cut. ..Clive

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    Great! I knew it was there the problem. Happy cutting!

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    Great stuff and don't be afraid to give stuff ago, if your unsure just set the Z height high at first so it cuts air. Give it Few weeks it will be second nature then in few months you'll be doing stuff that blows your mind.!

    Your problem must have been you wasn't loading G-code and running something in memory because the file extension wouldn't change the actual G-code produced by CAM. This is why I don't like these DSP controllers.? You can't easily see what's happening regards the G-code and machine setup.

    This would have been obvious on Screen with Mach3 or Linux cnc.
    Not saying convert but it's the little things like this that often lead folks to convert.

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