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    Well my new machine has arrived at the port, customs cleared and duties paid. Should be delivered to me by Tuesday providing we can work out how to get the thing off the truck. It weighs 2200 kg and the max lift the carriers can do is 1500kg. There is always a problem or two to overcome. Now where do I find a 3 ton forklift


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    Peektcha !!! And what what machine is it ?

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    Hi Blackrat

    It is a chinese 1325 cnc router, just been uncrating it. It certainly is some beast. will plug everything in tomorrow and test it. will also post some pics later.

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    was going to be a quick pic taken while unpacking but for some reason I don't seem to be able to upload from my computer???? It's a bit of a beast, got a bit worried when the forks on the lift started to bend, had real fun getting it in the workshop.

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