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    So you are putting the breather mesh on the veneer side?

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    Yes, the veneer is then subject to full Atmospheric pressure.

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    Any PVA glue should work fine. I'm guessing that you either didn't use enough, glue, you didn't get it in the bag fast enough, or you didn't have enough pressure.

    I generally use Titebond Cold Press veneer glue, as it gives a little longer working time. I only leave it in the bag for 90 minutes, and never use breather mesh. I always use a hard caul over the veneer, though.

    I've also had good results with plastic resin glue, which comes in powder form and is mixed with water.
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    I've got some powdered urea-formaldehyde glue now (Resintite, aka Cascamite, Extramite) and done a few test glueings and it seems good to me. It needs very little water added to the mix and sets good and solid more like one would expect of a resin than PVA does (PVA is also a resin).

    I've also got some fine wire mesh so I'll try putting that on top of the veneer and then some tissue paper on top of that to help absorb moisture.

    One more question - what do you guys do for bags? AirPress bags are really expensive and I've tried those vacuum bags for putting duvets / clothes in storage and although they work, the plastic is very soft so it easily gets small holes from any sharp edges. Yes I know I need to tape over the edges etc.. but it till happens.

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    I made my own bag from sheet vinyl. See for examples.
    Check marine supply shops for vinyl sheet, as it's used for windows in boat covers.

    After a while, I got tired of slidin in and out of the bag, so I built a frame press using polyurethane sheet. Much easier than using a bag.
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    Thanks! I had no idea 'vinyl cement' existed :)

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    Yea I do the same as Gerry(sort of) i had some polythene sheet left over from my UFH job so used that, nothing fancy folded it in half and sealed the other edges with tape, get a waterproof grade as not sure if some tapes are air permiable.
    Should be able to see it in the photo.If you doing a lot of veneering then go for a set up like Gerry's.

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