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    Eddy. I'm not sure if If it's running at its designed optimum as I have not had time to test it. I ran some code to cut a sign from 6mm mdf last night. Like the photo of the one I have posted here before. It seemed to not miss any steps it cut very clean and quite fast. The sign was about 10inch long and 5inch tall. It had no problems and took about 20 mins, but I only have the plunge set at 1mm so it took 7 trips to complete the final cut out. but that was planed and expected. If you let to know who I should test its performance I will gladly carry that out for you.

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    I don't know what it's designed to do but it sounds like you are not far away, why not just use the machine as it is until you find your requirements have outgrown it.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by amxen View Post
    It seemed to not miss any steps it cut very clean and quite fast. The sign was about 10inch long and 5inch tall. It had no problems and took about 20 mins, but I only have the plunge set at 1mm so it took 7 trips to complete the final cut out.
    To be honest you haven't really defined if the machine is running correctly because your not actually cutting at correct feed rates. 1mm DOC in MDF is hardly a challenge or test. I suspect that if you tried to cut MDF at the correct feeds/speeds/doc then you may get very differant story.

    With a Shallow DOC then you really should be running high feeds rates or very low spindle speeds to give any decent tool life. Your setup 99.99% sure won't run the correct feed rates for 1mm DOC without stalling motors and if you increase DOC then chances are it will struggle if it's still not setup correctly. Spindle speeds are about the only thing your in control of and this alone isn't enough.

    With MDF then you should be able to cut much deeper and still maintain decent feedrate even with these types of machine. Minimum DOC should be 50% tool diameter and 100% + is common in MDF with carbide tooling. Can't say on feed as don't know what you cut this at but I suspect it will be well short of what it should be.? Minimum feed in MDF would be 2000mm/min and thats with lot deeper DOC IE: 3mm cutter = 6mm or more.!

    So just because your cutting doesn't mean the machines working OK. Tool life is something you need to consider and cutting like this will drasticly shorten tool life, esp in MDF. Sharpness of the tool greatly affects finish quality so you very quickly lose finish quality when cutting with wrong feeds/speeds/DOC so it really does pay to spend some time and set the machine up correctly.

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    Interesting. The supplier is offering a partial refund on the machine. As I told them I was going to put a PayPal claim in . If they do I will up grade what's I need to with the cash they give me back

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    ok so im still having problems with this thing jamming . So i put a paypal claim in and this is what i got back from paypal

    To continue with our investigation, we need documentation to support your
    claim that the item is damaged or significantly not as described.

    Please obtain a document from an unbiased third-party, such as a dealer,
    repair shop, appraiser, or another individual or organisation that’s
    qualified in the area of the item in question (other than yourself), which
    details the extent of the damage or clearly explains how the item received
    significantly differs from the item that was advertised.

    This document must be on a letterhead that includes the name, address, and
    phone number of the individual, business, or organisation so that we may
    contact them if necessary.

    If applicable, the document should include a serial number and description
    of the item and the cost required to complete any necessary repairs.

    You can upload this document through your PayPal account. Here’s how:

    How an i gonna do that i dont know any one that fixes cnc machines and i cant really post it to some one now can i ?
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