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    Hi all,

    My name is Michal and I live in WGC / Herts.
    I have been interested in DIY and machining for quite a while, but due to living in an apartment I was not able to accommodate any space for any useful tools.
    Since I have moved into a house and managed to persuade my better half that every men needs his cave, I got a garage for my exclusive use :). Not long after I have acquired my first Chinese 3040t-DJ. I am trying to get my head around all the software and machining in general and have even managed to carve my fist part out of soft wood without breaking anything. Besides machining and DIY, I am also quite involved into RC helicopter 3D flying and FPV (first person view) acrobatic quad copters.

    I hope you are a patient bunch :)


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    Hi Michal,

    Welcome to the site - Lots of great people here with much experience and knowledge that they are willing to share.

    "managed to carve my fist part out of soft wood without breaking anything"
    Hmmm, most of my "projects" at the moment seem to be fixing things that I have broken......




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