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    Its with much regret I'm going to have to sell my upright machine. I would take it with me if i could.

    It's currently an unfinished project and has taken a couple of years to get to this point but now there's a chance I might be moving down under. The rust on the frame is just on the surface as its not yet been painted but I may get round to that. Mechanically its solid but will need improvements on the bed. Electrically its uses a 24v safety circuit to control the 70v PSU. The axis limit switches are to be linked to the 24v system to shut it down in the worse came to the worse. Home switches on all axis would need to go to the breakout board to square off the machine.

    Build log is here...

    100x100x4 box section uprights
    60x60x5 frame
    60x60x5 Bed has in incline of 85 degrees to aid chip clearance

    25mm supported round rail all round
    2510 ballscrews with rotating ball nuts driven by 4nm steppers
    25mm Ali bearing supports
    60x60x5 box sections with 20mm ali tooling plate joining the 2 X axis

    25mm supported round rail all round
    1610 ballscrew belt driven by 4nm steppers
    Running on X axis plate and box section

    20mm ali tooling plate
    25mm supported round rail all round
    1605 ballscrew belt driven by 4nm steppers
    3kw Watercooled spindle

    70v unregulated
    24v regulated
    5v regulated

    5 x MA860H stepper drivers

    Working area of approx 1000x1000x300mm

    I'm looking for sensible offers in the region on 2500 as it currently stands

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    May break if there's enough interest in parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by r0bsk1 View Post
    May break if there's enough interest in parts
    Any chance of a picture of the whole machine?

    All I could see skimming the last few pages of that build thread was close-ups of random bits of it...

    Would also be helpful to know your rough location.

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    scroll over the flag next to his name.edited that's no help.
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    Thanks. That says 'Ponte Carlo, UK' but Google Maps puts that in the Czech Republic.

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    Im in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.
    If you read through the thread you'd see they weren't random closeups. I try and get a pic of the whole thing tonight.

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    Afraid this is the best i can get for tonight as its tucked away in a corner
    Left side....

    Right side

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    Looks like it dropped the pics. Take 2..

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