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    To reduce the risk i will reduce the overall machine size frame to 2000*1150*400 mm

    X one ballscrew 2510 length 1750

    Y one ballscrew 2510 length 950mm

    z one ballscrew 1605 length 300 mm

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    i also plan to use design made from steel like this

    X gantry using 50*70*3mm box

    all bed made using steel

    one central ballscrew 2510 for X gantry
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    also i plan to pay this steppers

    i am confused vender say suitable PS 24-48V but acoording to sqrt(3.8 mh) * 32 = 62V ???

  4. That's because vendor wants you to buy the PSU he has on his site, the recommendation is meaningless as he doesn't know intended use.

    Single ballscrew on that width isn't going to work, the gantry will rack and bind if you cut towards the edges.

    Inertia of 25mm screw is too high for a 2.8Nm motor, you'll be severely constrained on feed rates as you won't have the acceleration to change direction quick enough. Unless you go with fixed screws, driven ballnuts.

    You may well have made a usable machine before but from your description this is in a different league and needs much more thought and design. We appreciate your supply difficulties but you're wasting your money by rushing to buy the wrong kit.

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    i need advice JAZZCNC for ordering one Power supply 70V~90V 12A in this link

    i already have 4 driver 80V 7.8A

    and i hope this PS match The JK57HS112-3004 (NM 3 - 425 oZ 3A 6.8mh) with 2510 and 1610

    is one enough for 4 nema 23 steppers


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    thanks irving2008 for reply i appropriate your effort with me thanks again

    Single ballscrew on that width isn't going to work,
    2 ballscrew mean double cost what is the max width of gantry that work well with one

    what is your opinion about the design of steel machine above

    Inertia of 25mm screw is too high for a 2.8Nm motor
    i pay this PS 70~90V with previous Nema23 3NM is this work also double 1610 with 1750 mm length work good or not?

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    Ok well it,s been said but will say again to backup. Forget Single screw down centre gantry will twist at this width. Forget 25mm screws unless running nema34 with high voltage AC drives.

    Now the sqrt(3.8 mh) * 32 is just a guide and in practice you can go higher without any issues or shortening motor life too considerably. (One thing to note because your in a Hot country I would consider putting cooling fans on the motors, PC CPU fans work well)

    The PSU you linked too would work ok but first I would look into making your own.?
    It's very easy all you need is toroidal transformer, 1 x brdige rectifier and capacitor/s. Obviously these need to be sized to give the output your require which we can help with.
    You must have electrical component suppliers like RS components in your country so I would enquire about costs because Unregulated toroidal PSU is much better for CNC when your running near the drives Max voltage.

    So Definately go with 2 x 3nm/1610 running 70V. Will warn thou that at 1750mm length with 16mm screws your at the point when whip at higher feeds can cause problems so you may still need to limit motor tuning to lower rapid speeds.?
    Also the mounting and alignment will need to be perfect, which it should be anyway, but if your off just a little then this is amplified at this length which can introduce whip and resonance.!

    So hopefully now you see why WE all have been asking you to slow down and think about it becasue so many things affect other parts of the machine and for good machine you need balance and components working in harmoney not fighting each other.!! . . . . In CNC we Make LOVE(chips) not WAR. .Lol
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