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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Smiler View Post
    Welcome back Irving, missed you!

    Awww, thanks Jeff...

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    Ayup rinderpest from Derby!

    Quite a few people from Notts, Derby now!
    Like that Ugly git John S I don't mind helping out with a bit of turning etc, My first machine had M10 metric thread lead screws and I got pretty good results with a decent nut, Can always upgrade later mate if you get into it!

    I did the below with standard 10 x 1.5mm metric threaded bar, Its about 30mm in diameter and done with a 1mm ball nose. Went about 1.5mm deep.

    Sorry for crap pic was scanned in off the block of 20mm thick ally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    :D Sweet
    I'm a sentimental soul

    See how the whole level of discussion has been raised since he came back? He knows about things like Ohms and Watts and Moments and things and he even stars out his swearwords! Now that's class.

    Nothing is a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by audioandy View Post
    a word with Lee about changing the site name

    :wave: :lol:

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    The site automagically *'s out :naughty: Words

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    Im well impressed with the welcome I've had; everyone seems to have a nice, constructive and helpful way about them. This morning I read loads of threads and the signal to noise ratio is great.
    I dont post on forums at all - this is about the fourth I've joined and already I've made more posts here than everywhere else combined!

    Michael, thats amazing especially with threaded rod. I downloaded the image and shrank it so it looked 30mm and it looks fantastic. And round too, lots less backlash than Id been led to expect from threaded rod.
    Did you make your own nut out of plastic or preload two metal ones against each other?
    I got some bog standard 8mm threaded rod and some stainless 8mm as well. The stainless is so much better fitting in those long nuts it seems like a different size.

    If I get some of this '500mm TR16x4D Trapezoidal Leadscrew Spindle' from Marchant Dice it would be amazing if we could work something out with a bit of turning. I can help you with any electronics or computer stuff, and beer tokens as well of course.
    I'll probably get my trapezoidal screw in a week or so but any turning can happen whenever suits you; I'll send you a PM soon.

    Out of interest how long a leadscrew could your lathe turn?
    In an ideal world I would have between 500 and 750mm for the X, 500mm for Y and 300 on Z.

    Im dying to get my machine whizzing about as soon as possible.
    I've been lurking and reading cnczone but joining here as well as getting my steppers delivered has made me get a shift on, build thread here I come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinderpest View Post
    I dont post on forums at all - this is about the fourth I've joined and already I've made more posts here than everywhere else combined!
    Thatís fantastic, a classic example of why I knew this site would be successful, the wealth of knowledge you can get access to is priceless.

    RESPECT :dance: !

    Quote Originally Posted by rinderpest View Post
    build thread here I come.
    Woohooo ill be keeping an eye out for it Jim, if you use the site gallery to upload your pics, it will give you a line of code for each image that you can then paste into your posts as and when you would like to show the pics.

    Any problems getting started send me a PM and ill help you.

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    Arkwell Fasteners over in Long Eaton, up the side road, Chapel Street, at the side of Do It All, stock some trapezoid screw.

    Kingston Engineering [ google ] also stock this and the nuts.

    John S.

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    Thanks for the info, I always prefer to use a smaller local business rather than a huge company with dozens of outlets.

    Theres not much choice left for stuff like that, once the big firms have driven all the little ones out of business they can charge what they like. Maplin are guilty of that - RF Potts in derby are just about the only independant component sellers in the area, unless you can persuade some telly-bodger to sell you some spare Rs & Cs.

    I'll get in touch with them and see what the crack is.
    I've definately decided on trapezoid screw; its not too much more than threaded rod price wise its just the machining. But it seems as tho that might not be quite the stumbling block I thought it would be.
    Kudos to Michael for saying we might be able to sort something out.

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    I have a couple of lathes that can handle 30mm screws up to about a metre and one that can handle 50mm up to about 3 metres, all capable of metric / imperial threading if anyone gets stuck.

    John S

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