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    Hi everyone,

    I am developing a free open source 5 axis CAM script using Grasshopper for Rhino. Its a very early versions but I had some success using it.

    I originally started developing a desktop 5 axis machine which now turned in to a project I am launching on Kickstarter on 22nd September (if anyone is interested in this project please check out our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...&v=Ovc9bfeXS1A and website http://5axismaker.com, but I could not find a cam solution that I could afford.

    I want to share it with anyone interested in affordable 5axis machining. I plan to continue to develop it and adding features to it, but meanwhile if anyone is interested in it, its possible to download current version of the scrip and a small manual that explains how different features of the script work from http://5axismaker.com/software//

    I would appreciate any comments or questions from members.
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    Wow this is great thank you for sharing. It is a creditto you guys. I would like one but it is far beyond what I could get to gripswith at the minute. I have a job getting to learn my 3 axis machine!

    I hope to see more on this soon

    In the meantime the very best of luck


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    Hiya, Will the 'brains' behind the unit be an Arduino board? Using the RJ-45 connection?


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    Thank you guys for your comments. The machine is still under development and at this point I could not say which board exactly we will be using in the end but it will definitely use RJ-45 connection but most probably will not be an Arduino board.

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