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    Hello all, I have some flexible brush strip for sale on eBay ideal for making your own dust shoe.

    Please see listing 161427050320. If making an offer mention this forum and I'll be more likely to accept .

    Any questions give me a shout.



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    do you have any more?

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    Yep. How much are you after and is it uk postage?

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    Hi Paul, I'm intested in your flexible brush strip, (1m length) what's your item number on ebay, I copied the 161------ number into ebay it just comes up with LED strip.
    Thanks Martin

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwestuk View Post
    Yep. How much are you after and is it uk postage?
    about a meter and yes to the UK.


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    Brush strip now re listed. Item number 161584176382



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    Thanks ordered :)

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