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    OK I ordered some tools to make the "sprue"

    5mm shank 90 degree spot drill.
    16mm 60 degree 3 flute v cutter.
    8mm ball nose.

    The plan is now.

    1. 1mm drill staight through
    2. 5mm 90 degree point drill to correct depth.
    3. 60 degree cutter to bore out
    4. 8mm ball to blend 90 degree into 60 degree section(Just by eye)

    The 60 degree cutter needs the tip ground flat to stop it protuding to far into the work piece, apart from that I should be golden.

    Will need some way of polishing the tool. Dremel attachment?
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  2. Were you successful in making your sprue? I have just purchased a Rabit 2/3 and hope to be able to make molds for it. I am in Canada.

    Did anyone ever try contacting MCP Group - Mining & Chemical Products Ltd, to see if they had information on their injection molding machines? They are now part of 5N Plus (acquired in 2011) and are located at 1-4 Nielson Road, Finedon Road Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom NN8 4PE and their phone number is 44 1933 225766.

    Would be good to save any documents they may still have on these machines for using, archiving or repairs.

    Thank you.


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    Hi John,

    Nice to see another Rabit 2/3 owner on the forum. I have not made any progress on the mold or machines yet. A machine did come up for sale on ebay a couple of months and I managed to ask the owner some questions on the design of the molds. I shall look out that original email and post it here.
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  4. Hi back at ya!

    I am taking my Rabit 2/3 apart at the moment and have gotten down to where the injector housing appears to be attached to the main cast body of the machine. It isn't that obvious how it comes apart now. I suspect I have to undo the five 2 or 2.5mm (need to get these hex keys) and then the whole turned heater assembly looks like it will simply slide out the front of the frame.

    It looks like it won't be amazingly difficult to increase the capacity of the shot from the original 2 grams. I am hoping to get it up to 8 grams so it will cover a wide range of parts that I hope to reproduce for my business which is restoring arcade (and pinball) games. I expect there will be modifications to the machine, but I'm hoping that will mostly be software/hardware to increase the melt time and the impulse time to allow the increased amount of plastic to squeeze in and set prior to release.

    I take it the original manufacturer doesn't have anything left on these machines, not being in the UK it is a bit hard to nip around to their shop and see, but the web site suggests they (Mining & Chemical Products Ltd - MCP Group SA - - 1-4 Nielson Road Finedon Road Industrial Estate Wellingborough, NN8 4PE United Kingdom). are now just into geological stuff since being bought out by 5Nplus. Their web site is broken...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gavztheouch View Post
    Would this be possible to make on a standard myford ml7-r?

    Im guessing it would need to be quite high quailty steel? Hss?
    I've made molds for my Rabit 2/3 out of aluminum. Nothing magic there.

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    Hello Tenaja, would you be willing to show some pics of your machine and molds, maybe some parts you have made?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Tenaja View Post
    I've made molds for my Rabit 2/3 out of aluminum. Nothing magic there.
    What is the maximum capacity you have managed with the Rabit 2/3? I now have two of these and I have plans to finish the restoration and possibly put them to work. I have edited the operators manual and added notes I found for the microprocessor control version and have it here for sharing

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