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    How do you propose to get the main axis shafts level and parallel with each other? Commercial companies using this style of frame will have accurate jigs to hold the frame in position while they weld it. Special purpose machine makers mount rails onto a flat ground plate, which is mounted onto the frame, to ensure flatness. With the flat plate and one shaft mounted you could check parallelism using a dial indicator to locate the position of the other shaft.

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    Hey colin

    Sorry for the Delay in replying. I have given myself room to move components for small adjusting of plates which is lucky too because as previously said I just cant get the holes as close as I would like. although I centre punch and then centre drill and then go larger but I think with my newer drill press it has got better. But i have made 6mm holes in the plates that bolt to the m5 tapped holes so that will give me a small amount of movement.

    I have a dial indicator to get as close as I can although I need to find a long enough straight edge to trust and then using the Vernier caliper too.

    I will then be able to then flatten the spoil board once everything is running so it won't matter if the machine is a small part of a mm out because it will al be parallel with itself and also the work piece.

    Well that's the plan anyway. I will be using Epoxy for the rails to get the top rails flat running a channel between the rails and this will then self level.

    i think then it will be a lot of fiddling about to chase every last 0.0 of mm

    I would be great to have those known flat and precise equipment of the manufacturers have but money would never allow for it sadly.


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    What about using a laser level and laser distance measure. If you are careful you could use a sheet of glass to check for level.

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    Great idea I didnt even think about glass I will be keeping my eyes open when I pass any skips from now on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Colin Barron View Post
    What about using a laser level and laser distance measure. If you are careful you could use a sheet of glass to check for level.

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    Best look for old double glased unit the edges are taped and safer, wear gloves and glasses.

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