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    Thanks jazz i now have them all book marked. i have noticed you have visited this subject many times over the years and i respect your views on newbies and electronics. I still cant find a good newbie how to on this subject eg a step by step how to for people that can use a soldering iron and a mulitmeter but have no real electronics knowledge. I mean i can strip a combi boiler into it component parts and test each part to determine if its working or not. I can test resistance on a thirmister at a given temp , test continuity on a gas valve . but im not clued up enuf to go at this with out a thought for safety ,even thow its more than likely going to be easy. Is there a good how to on the net. iv been looking all day ?
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  2. Not that I'm aware of. I keep meaning to write up a tutorial on it but never seem to find the time.. but most safety aspects are common sense, like liberal use of heatshrink on exposed joints, proper earthing, cable strain relief and retention, correct fusing and isolation switches where appropriate.

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