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    Tripping the light fantastic tonight I fell over this.

    It's off a specialised drilling machine, air operated and has a 4" stroke.
    More important it's on 16mm linear rods and dry line bushings.

    Main problem is the framing is steel, 6" x 1/2" and heavy but it could be transposed onto alloy plate.
    Dump the air cylinder and you have the basis for a Z axis for a large router or plasma cutter.

    I have two of these and they are virtually new in that once the concept was proven we built a 4 headed machine.

    Are they worth 40.00 each to anyone ?

    John S.

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    Just sent you a PM john !

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    John, you still got any of these fella? how difficult would it be to install a drive screw to replace the air cylinder..?

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    Yes still got the pair, shouldn't be any problem to fit a screw everything is flat surfaced and easy to drill / mount to.
    John S -

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    sent you a pm bud ;)

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