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    Hi Guys

    What are your thoughts and experiences when it comes to joining profile rails? On both precision and fully supported rails.

    Since I am in South Africa and shipping items larger than 1500mm is problematic. If they dont get bent, then they charge rediculous amounts to move them around.
    I am considering joining rails in order to get the desired length.

    Is this possible?

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    Page 10 (13 of the pdf) shows how to do it, if that's the sort of rail you mean.

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    I used a Masterwood for years that had a 14' X axis made up of joined rails. The joint was so tight that you almost couldn't see it. These rails carries several thousand pounds.
    You can do it, but the joint should be precision ground, very, very accurately.

    Having said that, I've also seen MDF machines using used Ebay rails butted together, with good results.
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    the hiwin rails i got didn't have machined ends for some reason however i was able to mill and grind them good enough to get them running smooth so shouldn't be to much of a problem although the less the better i would say.

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    Thanks guys. Great to hear it can be done.
    I suppose accuracy is one thing, but in my case it is more important to not damage the blocks.
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    Where the rails join, I would attach to the side, a block with a ground flat face, this would allow you to keep the rails in line similar to a railway fishplate.
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