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    Quote Originally Posted by Sven View Post
    If you can send nested cad files or even coded files to the cnc guy that only need cutting, it would be a lot cheaper than sending each individual part file over, adding quantity, thickness.
    If I were doing the work, I would not want nested files or machine code. My machine runs the way I want it to run, not the way my customer thinks it should run. If you want to outsource to me, then you have to pay me to program your parts. You'd need a very good working relationship imo to be able to send someone g-code to run for you.

    I think that outsourcing is probably much more cost effective with larger jobs, rather than small one off jobs. Both large and small jobs often require a similar amount of programming and setup time, and on larger jobs that cost is spread out among more parts, making them cheaper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CNCCabinets View Post
    Hi, thanks for the comments. jimbo_cnc I am base in North East London at the moment. As a lot of manufactures are based out of the city to keep their costs down I don't think that it will really matter where the CNC service provider is based as they will probably use a courier unless it is a huge amount of part you need cut. For pricing I have been sending all the parts off for a fairly standard base unit 600mm wide, a top and bottom, 2 sides, a back, and 2 battens for the back to fix to. The parts also have some holes for fixing through and shelf holes etc so no complex shapes or 3D work. 80 for a carcass seems reasonable, what type of carcass is that and what material? There is the advantage with Timbmet that they are a big supplier of panel products so will have what material you want to use to hand. Can I ask what they are charging you for delivery and the cost of the material? Thanks
    Material is pretty cheap and I don't think I'm on trade prices, 53+VAt for the 2800x2070 eurodekor MFC 18mm. I collect it myself so no delivery charge.

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