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    I have a plywood product im thinking about producing on my router. It incorperates a bungee cord that acts as a preload spring.

    I need to join 3mm elastic shock cord into a loop to make the part. Would rather not simply tie them together as its hard to get the lengths consistant and it looks a little messy.

    These crimps look quite good, I contacted the seller in regards to which type of crimping pliers would work for this, but they are taking their time to reply. I can't find anything similer in the UK. What would you guys do to join bungee cord in neat loop?

    Here is the link to the crimps


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    Best would be if you join then via small hot melt casting. The way a USB or 3mm jack cable ends. You can use good high temp heat glue gun/190-220C/, make small 2 piece aluminum mold and inject the hot melt - Polyamide Sticks - TEC Bond 7718 , thats what i use.

    Dont forget to leave small air escape hole/0.5mm or similar/ and use 2 pins to center the mold. Or maybe not, the air will escape through the bungee cord

    I have done that and works, i have cast things as big as wheel over 2 skate bearings using 80W gun. You will find a good ~200w gun extremely easy to work with

    There are other sizes, you have to calculate if its worth but 12mm works ok for small details. Otherwise i would jump to bulk melt gun

    Guns 12mm :

    Glue 12mm:

    or sth like these:

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    Those crimps look like a cheap, neat, way to do it. I'd be surprised if you couldn't do the job with a big pair of pliers, or for a posher job drill a hole in a bit of steel, slit it down the middle, and clamp in vice as an improvised press. Look for a "proper" tool if the prototypes work out well!
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