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    Pc with cnc software installed on it it's running windows xxp mach 3 full licence
    aspire 4 full licence
    photo vcarve full licence
    vcarve pro 6 full licence
    i bought a pallet load of cnc stuff and 3 computers were included I'm keeping one for my self and selling the other 2
    im open to offers

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    hi there, do you have any photos of the pc's
    and what spec the pc's are.
    also you say the software is already installed.
    but do it all come on discs ?
    incase pc had to be formatted or HDD failed.
    how would you reinstall all the software

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    Are all the computers using the same licenses? If so, it would be illegal to sell them.
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    It's possible that the computers may be running an OS for which they bear OEM licence stickers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ger21 View Post
    Are all the computers using the same licenses? If so, it would be illegal to sell them.
    No sure but I will look

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    As far as Mach3 goes it's illegal to sell them - period. See http://www.machsupport.com/license-delivery (License Transfers)

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