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    Hi, A mate of mine had two 20ft containers welded together and removed the centre metal work creating it twice the size in width, he then foam sheeted it and timbered the intererer leaving the existing wood flooring down. then he proceeded to remove the doors and replace them with an electric roller shutter he now keeps his motor bikes in he has electric for lighting and the shutter it looks really well and without damp it may be worth you looking at buying a 40 ft and cutting it in half then doing something similar

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    I'm a little late to the party but to prevent condensation you need to move the dew point to the outside of the container.
    If you insulate the inside the dew point also moves further in, insulate the outside and the dew point will be on the outside of the steel with minimal heating inside.

    In a non breathable structure like a shipping container you also need a a way to dehumidify the air if you are going to work in there. That water you see running down the walls was sweated out of your butt crack an hour ago. :(

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    Good to know that steel buildings should be insulated on the outside!

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    The insulated board, what we call here in Spain -sandwich panel is made from sth like 2x0.8mm galvanized steel or aluminum and 30-50mm expanded polyurethane in the middle. Its price is 20euro/m2 in a normal shop, 14euro/m2 from add or distributor and could be has for as low as 6euro/m2 from dismounted structure. Lengths are up to 15m i believe, width is 1m

    Light frame structure with some channel to hold it and there you have something better than a container.

    I dont know what is the equivalent in UK but here we also have something similar ready pre[made, they use it for offices in construction sites and is a bit more expensive than container but is insulated, has a door and windows.
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