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    Check this out

    seems like the board is, "3rd axis microprocessor board".
    It does have a microprocessor and eprom on there and also the leds are marked, ATTENTION, LIMIT PLUS, LIMIT MINUS
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    Quote Originally Posted by IanS1 View Post
    Is it some sort of I/O board? The Dallas Speed chip seems to point in that direction.

    And it looks like the ribbon cable from it goes to the controller board
    Thanks Ian that's what I thought it might be but it's not an issue now after speaking with Carl I think he's going for a full retrofit except spindle controller.

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    hello, yes it's a pretty easy conversion and you can get by with very little alteration or go the whole hog and upgrade the guts.

    Carl (gasgasbones) i'll pm you my mobile number if you want a chat about it.

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