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    Hi there!

    I'm a final year Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Hertfordshire. I've worked a bit with CNC machines, but I'm guessing I will be mainly looking and asking for help! I have a huge project coming up (which I'll post up on Projects Jobs Requests), and have signed up at Hobgoblin's suggestion.


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    sounds like a fun project would love to see the final result as in the past i have been heavily into model aircraft and composite moulding. What do you intend to use to machine the moulds or patterns from?mdf? high destiny foam? (edit just re read and saw you can get tooling board. I would love to help if i could but i am only just in the process of finishing up my machine designed for shaping surfboards and learning how it all works. Im not sure at the moment what else it will be able to cut but im hoping it will be good for some mould making all so. Best of luck with your project im sure some one will be able to help you out.
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    Suggest you put your RFQ in a normal Thread as we can't reply directly only thru PM (which is a pain in the arse LEE).

    What material do the moulds have to be made from.?

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    Thanks for both your replies! If the admins don't kill me for trying it, I'll do that, thanks Jazz!

    I need to contact Trelleborg for some of their tooling board. I worked for a company called e-Go Aeroplanes last year (who make carbon fibre microlights), and Trelleborg supplied us with tooling board, which was then sent directly from them to a CNC firm who made all the patterns.

    The tooling board is a low density epoxy, the chaps at Trelleborg actually include optimal machining conditions in their datasheet!

    (This is the stuff I used at e-Go, and the stuff I hope to get off Trelleborg).


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