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    @ChristoT, did you look to see if there was a FabLab near you, that might be another way to do them yourself.
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    Didn't know about them, but now I see there's one in London - thanks! Now to see if any near me have a CNC machine big enough.

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    Annnnnnnnd... No luck there. Their machines are too small for our purpose. The University has a mid-size Denford machine (I believe it has a a 500*250mm deck - something in that order of magnitude anyway), but we're trying to avoid mucking around with 6 different sections - as it is, the fuselage will probably take between four and 8 sections of tooling board to make!

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    On a similar note to Eddy, have you spotted Hackspace? e.g.

    Have you got a drawing / image you could post showing what you want machining, or just something similar to show the general idea? My machine is big enough...
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    Yep, come across Hackspace, but I don't think their machine is up to size.

    The wings will be in two moulds (top and bottom), and be around 1m long each. Not sure what the chord is yet, that depends on the wing designer. The shape of the mould will be the negative of the wing, so a effectively a long curve. A quick google throws this up :

    The only difference I can see is that in that example, material is removed around the shape of the wing - we'd be looking for the shape of the wing to be removed from the billet instead so that we can layup directly in it.

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