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    I just wanted to update the info regarding the ABB ACS355 vector drive because I think it's a great inverter especially now they have addressed high frequency motors better and I would recommend it with the new alternative firmware for high speed spindle operation.
    ABB confirmed that the issues I had with the drive have now been addressed with the new alternative firmware.

    Issues I had

    ABB reply;

    "Our factory are always seeking to improve product features and designs to embrace a wide scope of application areas.
    The version of ACS355 you have identified, is one such area. Some of the vector control improvements would have been included in the version you have. Frequency limits have also been extended.
    Applications running above 600Hz are subject to special measures ... This is another reason for having a unique supplementary option code for the alternative firmware.
    If you have any further applications or require a replacement, this would be what we recommend."
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    Thank you for sharing this useful information.

    I already got the Altivar 12. If I had this information before I would have seriously considered buying the ABB ACS355. I hope I'll manage to configure it in vector mode without difficulty.

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