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    Start your own business engraving peoples 3D portraits in shopping malls, online, events etc. It's very simple to use although you would need to have some computer experience. It will engrave a 3D portrait in about 2 minutes. The camera is very straight forward to use also. Manufacturer offers full and friendly technical support. I will add some crystal and light bases (approx.200pcs each) for free. Machine is in Dublin - Ireland. Asking price for the whole set is 24999 euro( to small negotiation). Free delivery.

    Machine Specs.
    Making Lens: 1
    Laser medium: Diode pumped, 532 nm
    Lifetime of a diode: 20 000 hours( used 5 hours)
    Dot diameter: 40 – 80um
    Electrical connection: 220v and 110v
    Max Engraving Range : 250x250x100mm
    Engraving Speed : 2000dots/sec,
    Mass production - max 9pcs of 50x50x80mm crystal can be loaded
    Dimension of Machine: 780x580x1100mm
    Cooler : air cooled
    Power consumption: 100-500W
    Weight: 110kg

    Camera Specs
    1) People taken picture at same time: 1 - 3 persons
    2) Exposal time: 1/60s
    3) 3D reconstruction resolution: 0.5mm
    4) 2GB memeory inside - expandable
    5) Dimensions of the crust: 325×210×125mm
    6) Max. vision scope: (Width)800×(High)600mm or (Width)600mm×(High)800mm
    7) Weight: 6.5kg
    8) Distance to object: 0.9 - 1.3m
    9) Ambient light requirement: all light-intensity conditions, no need for additional lighting
    10)3D reconstruction angle scope from 0 to 180° at only one view direction
    11)Portability: It can be carried easily by hand
    12)Compatibility: The software can export to various formats including 3DS,DXF, OBJ and 3DV making it compatible with the laser engraving machine
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