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    Thanks guys I will have a look. Imy guessing a good test would be some basic wood engravingrain first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gotty101 View Post
    Thank you everyone especially to JazzCNC for all your help. Today i finally got my cnc to move by mach and the motion controller for the first time. Im very pleased. Ive got some jobs to do yet like finish the control panel on the cnc itself, and sort the mist system.

    I have one drive disconnected at the mo and have bypassed the alarm (will do a much better job of that), as that is for the eventual 4th axis, but i will learn the 3 first.

    Thanks again guys

    Hi. What is the size of you enclosure?

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    Happy new year guys.

    Well ive been busy doing jobs on the house, although ive also been busy insulating my workshop to try and reduce the chances of rust on my machines. During the christmas holidays i did my first test on the CNC by drawing a circle in a square in cambam, and then getting it to mill it out. It went well although i think i had the feeds and speeds super conservative. So now ive got the tricky task of picking out software for the machine, so if anyone has any recommendations before i spend out money that would be appreciated. I have tried mach 4 although alot of people dont appear to like it much still. One of the things i was unsure of was the motor tuning graph in mach where you setup the acceleration.

    On a side note, i have treated myself to a new toy.

    Its a WM18. I want to keep it manual, although i would like to build a power feed for the y and z axis using stepper motors, drives and a micro controller. Ive seen a few install a stepper onto the z axis, although i would like to retain the hand wheel on the side. Ive got DROs to install also.

    valdis034, Ill measure it up at the weekend and let you know. I must admit it is tight with all the kit ive put into it, but it was self inflicted as i did not want a big cab.

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    So now ive got the tricky task of picking out software for the machine, so if anyone has any recommendations before i spend out money that would be appreciated.
    I am a long time mach3 user and have just moved over to UCCNC. Two weeks using it and I'm quite impressed, everything I have asked it to so so far, it has done with no issues. I still have mach3 on my pc so can skip between them if I need to. Another plus, UCCNC is less than half the cost of mach3

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    Nice build

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    Hi guys,

    Well ive been busy, making bracket and fitting the dro's to my milling machine and ive finally finished that off over the weekend just gone.
    But more importantly i did my first ever CNC job on my router tonight and it worked well. Its only a basic part but im really pleased it went ok. Its the back panel for a PFSense router im building which was inspired by Washout's build.

    I used Estlcam to generate the GCode, and it was cut with a 2mm 2 flute carbide end mil and the outer edge was cut with a 4mm 2 flute carbide end mill. Unfortunately ive not fitted my mist coolent system yet so i was using wd40 and a brush (bad i know) but that will be the next job. Im very sure my feeds and speeds where a bit rubbish but i was trying to take it steady on my first job (also i wanted to be careful with he 2mm cutter so i did not break it). The 2mm was run at 16000rpm and 180 feed (im guessing these are all wrong but it sounded ok).

    Im still unsure by setting up this screen in Mach4. Its the "Volatility Units/Minute" and "Acceleration Units(Sec^2)" im not sure what to set, can anyone help?


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    Small update, did the front of my router yesterday.

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    Beautiful panels!
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    Looking nice Trev, very professional!


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    Looking great, loving the countersinking/bevels

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