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    right i see.
    cheers for that m_c, very understanding.

    so would it be best to get a kit, like this

    or buy them singly when needed etc...

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    Well, it all depends on what you want to do!

    This is definitely not a recommendation, but as it happens, I have just ordered the following. As a bit of background (so you know just how reliable or not my comments are...), I've been a model engineer (that's important - people from an industrial background often have different views) for many years, and I've recently bought a second, much larger, lathe. Previously I used a Myford which took 8mm shank tools but they look a bit small in the new machine. So I've gone for 12mm shank, and I've chosen:

    SCLCR + SCLCL right- and left-hand general purpose tools. These take the almost-square CCMT inserts, using the smaller 80deg angle. These are much stronger and less likely to chip than the DCMT inserts which have a 55deg angle. I have a tool which takes the DCMT but I prefer to use this for finer and finishing work where it's less likely to get damaged. I expect the SCLCR to be my main workhorse turning tool as it can turn and face without adjustment but the SCLCL will be useful for those odd "back edge of a shoulder" operations.

    SCBCR RH rough turning tool. This one uses the CCMT inserts, but the 100deg angle (so can use the other corners of inserts previously used/worn/chipped from the other tools). Rough external turning, but won't work up to a shoulder.

    I'm also getting the external threading tool which takes 16ER inserts, both 55deg and 60deg as I need imperial and metric threads. I also use a parting tool which takes GTN-2 inserts.

    These are all external cutting tools as I have boring bars - all HSS except for some very small home-made from hardened silver steel for tiny holes - and I haven't gone to carbide insert versions of these yet. I haven't felt so much of a need for them. My biggest boring bar came with the "new" lathe and is something like 1" dia and about 12" long with a HSS tool. I don't expect to need it very often...

    For what it's worth, I have ordered from JB Cutting Tools, as I have bought from them face-to-face at exhibitions and they seem to know what they are talking about (and their web site has a neat little set of pictures showing what each type of tool can do).

    I still have some reservations about these carbide inserts as they can chip the tip very easily if mis-used. I'm hoping that the 80deg tips will be much stronger than the 55deg tips I have used to date. However, when they are working, they work extremely well, and can leave a good finish even from fairly heavy cuts.

    What lathe are you using these on?

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    hi neale thanks for the reply.
    sorry for late reply, had some HDD problems to deal with.
    and yesturday i sat here and typed out a long reply....
    then went to add a photo that took up the whole browser page.
    had to back space out of it only to lose everything i had type...
    i wasnt amused with that so turned pc off.

    well i do facing and turning.
    external threading (did buy an internal one but not used yet)
    knurling and parting.
    radius cutter
    and cant forget the boring bar

    the lathe i had was the clarke cl500m but the column was slightly damaged. chipped and paint missing.and they offered me 10 off next order
    or replace the column. LOL
    so i took the dearer route for them :) replace the column.

    well 3 months later the replacement column arrive with them damaged.
    so they ordered another. same happened again.
    in the end they decided to send my column to a body repair place
    to get it filled and sanded and painted.

    by this time my 12 months warranty ran out.
    and i couldnt use it as a lathe due to the top being open where the column goes.
    so they took it back and gave me a refund.

    and let me take the cl430 at vat free price.
    and also the large mill CMD1225D at vat free price
    and some free mill accessories for my troubles.

    well the issue i have is having to wait a week for my local sharpening place
    to sharpen stuff.
    so i have to drive 6miles to where they are located on A127 (southend bound)
    to drop the stuff off and go back a week later to get it.
    so the cost of fuel, my time and cost for sharpening, is going to be much higher then a replacement tip would be. plus i wouldn't have to wait.

    and if i bought the tips in boxes of ten, then works out even cheaper.
    i know you have the initial outlay for the tool holders etc.
    but your get that back in the end.

    well i got the 6 piece turning set for the cl430
    i also got the 38piece one for the smaller cl300 lathe.
    i know they only 6mm bits but thought they would be handy in emergency :)
    and so they have been.. used all the right hand green ones.
    got a knurling and parting kit from chronos i think it was.
    and a few others off ebay ( radius, internal threading )

    cheers stuart
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    well after going throu all the holders that come in this set.
    1. Turning & facing at 90' with 95' approach RH style
    2. Turning & facing at 90' with 95' approach LH style
    3. Only turning with 75' approach utilising 100' unused RH cutting corners
    4. Only through facing with 75' approach utilising 100' LH unused cutting corners
    5. 50' Chamfer on both LH & RH side
    6. 45' Chamfer on RH side and 55' on LH side
    7. Boring & facing counterbore @ 90 'with 95 'approach for minimum bore size dia of 9.5mm

    i would use 1 proberly more then 2, but would still use both.
    i dont think i can see me using 3 and 4. and if i did, proberly once in a blue moon ?
    5 and 6 i would use but proberly not as much as 1 and 2.
    and 7 i would use.

    but i was thinking on buying 1 and 2 in a kit.
    then maybe 7 on its own but the throu coolant one ?
    anyway tried them over the standard boring bars.
    as for 5 and 6 i could use the TCT ones i have for now then get them in indexables when i can.
    and then look at getting the internal and external threading holders...
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