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    Hi all,

    It looks as if Misumi do not allow private individuals to purchase aluminium profile?

    Does anyone have an account they or know of another seller to get hold of some?

    I am looking for a specific piece of profile:

    (45mm x 180mm, 815mm Long, 10mm Slot)

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Hey Dave,
    You're right. I was wondering the same thing myself a few months ago, and knowing that they allow private individuals to buy in america I thought a kindly worded email might sway them into letting me put in an order. The response was to the point: they don't allow individuals to make orders. They either don't care or maybe there is some VAT issue. Which is shame because some of the things they do with all the machining / customisation options would be great.

    But anyway, when I was looking for an alternative I found this site which seems to sell something similar: http://www.item24.co.uk/en/home/prod...rofiles-8.html

    Never did make a purchase so I can't tell you much else.
    Hope it helps,

    Edit: Whoops, just released there is no 45 x 180 on there. Wrongly assumed that because they had what I was after they'd have 45x180. Plenty else to choose from though :)
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