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    Are you sure it's loosing steps or just not moving the correct amount.? Those numbers for X & Y suggest 2.5mm pitch running 2000 micro steps which would work out 800 Steps per and your not set to that amount so would be some error.?
    Similair with Z axis and working on same pitch but with 1000 micro step = 400 steps per again your not quite there.!

    Need lot more info to help correctly with setup and what can achieve.

    Voltage the drivers are using. (also make and model of drives)
    Micro stepping set on drives.
    Ballscrew or Lead screw and the pitch. Ie distance traveled for one Revolution.
    Units set in Mach Ie: MM or inch

    What size motors and frame size Ie Nema 23 or 34.? They look like 34's.!

    I see a Laptop in back ground are you using this to run machine via parallel port.?

    Give this info and we can help better thou you should be getting much more than you are now without loosing steps.
    Hi.think the motors are nema 34 there 8.2nm.
    I'm using the laptop to run the machine through port.
    its set to running in mm.
    If possible could you guide me in the direction to find the rest of the information as im not sure where to find this information.
    would be amazing to having it running as it should so your help is much appreciated

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    Ok well could do with a close up picture of the little white switches on the drives.

    Also if you turn each axis screw one revolution how far does it move.?

    Big problem could be the Laptop. Mach 3 doesn't support Laptops when used with parallel port and they are a known cause of problems.
    My advise is to try a normal computer first before doing anything else. Other option is to dump the parallel port and invest in a external motion control card but won't get into that just yet.!!

    Who setup the machine and converted it.? . . . 8.5Nm nema 34 motors is massive overkill for this machine and it's actually reducing performance not increasing. This is a common error due to thinking bigger is better but it's really not in most cases and unless correctly matched regards Voltage etc then they actually reduce performance and waste money.!!

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