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Thread: A few MDF bits

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    have you painted them yet? interested to see how they come out

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    Nice jobs well done, where did you get the project files from for the jobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew C View Post
    Nice jobs well done, where did you get the project files from for the jobs
    Ah, just seen this after replying to your previous post and now see what the question really was.

    Answer in many cases is the same, though - people design their own. For things like house signs, Vectric Vcarve (or one of their other products in the range) is difficult to beat but not cheap. Can save a lot of time, though. It comes with a library of motifs and similar, and you can buy other designs (but I haven't done this myself so no idea of prices and so on).

    Otherwise, there are some 3D CAD packages (Fusion 360, Solid Edge, for example) that quite a few of us use. There are also some freeware CAD and other design packages around that others prefer.

    The nameplate for my own house includes a relief carving of a badger's head that was derived from a series of photographs of a model badger, processed by some clever software that is no longer available, and turned into a machinable model via Vectric 3D. That's one route, but don't try to make a profit going down that path - it took me ages.

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