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    I have 2x1200, 2x1400 20MM supported rail with 4x 20MM bearing blocks. 2x 20MM 600MM rail with 4x end supports and 4x bearing blocks. 2x 300MM supported rail 12MM with 4x blocks. 1x 300mm 1204 ballscrew and 1204 nut with housing for the nut.

    Open to offers on the lot or on parts!

    All parts are new and unused... Were for a build that isn't going to happen since it was MDF and the only place to have it and keep it in is my leaky garage... (Got so wrapped up in design I wasn't thinking of practicality.)

    I'm in Hampshire but delivery possible if you're further out.

    Thanks, Any questions just ask.

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    Hi there, do you have a price in mind for the lot..?
    Not started a build or designed one as yet, but they may come in handy.
    you can pm me if you wish, I live in West Mids so delivery cost also please.

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    P.M. Sent.

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    What is best offer for all that including posting to BT745HG ?


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    How much are you looking for the 2x1400 20MM supported rails

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