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    This picture:

    shows the location of the two homing sensors - the two salmon pink parts.

    Would it be possible to retrofit them ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saracen View Post
    This picture:

    shows the location of the two homing sensors - the two salmon pink parts.

    Would it be possible to retrofit them ?

    Should be Possible, I'll check the wiring diagramm


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    I've been having problems with the Planet-CNC software so, seeing as I have a UC100 motion controller left over from another project, I thought I'd take the plunge and swap them over.

    As I've been using the Boxford driver board, I made up a new loom, so that I needed to disturb the current wiring as little as possible.

    Loaded the UC100 software, loaded the included demo of Mach3, wired up the newly purchased BoB and fired her up again.

    And all that happens is all three steppers rattle and bang alarmingly. With the UC100 disconnected, there's no noise, so I don't think it's interference on the control lines.

    Seems I need to do some digging in Mach3. If anyone has an XML file for Mach3 for use with the Boxford stepper electronics, it would be gratefully received.


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    Hello .I have just purchased to very same machine exactly like yours and it work very well.I have a Planet-CNC Mk3 board and hope to use this to connect to a pc with the planet software Could you help with wiring diagrams , plans or any info at all as i am an engineer and not very experienced at all with electronics. I don't mind purchasing whats needed but don't see the sense in scraping things that work so well. Please help thanks

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    Hello Saracen,

    I work in a school and we have a Boxford 160 like this one. We are having turret indexing issues. I don't suppose you have a diagram of the turret assembly so our technician can strip it down? Only manual I can find is online for 60! Zero chance of school buying that for us.

    Thanks in advance,

    Neil Brodie

    (DrNBrodie at

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    Hello please let me know the precise problem as I have striped a few of these and I may be able to assist. They are not very complex and parts and diagrams are on the Boxford website.

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    Here's the page on the Boxford Spares site:

    I don't have a manual for it; I just dismantled slowly and made notes as I went.

    My problem was also the indexing, in that the pressure from the springs on the pawl would stall the motor and stop the thing from turning. I cleaned it all out and re-greased it and it has been fine ever since.

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    I did exactly the same for the same problem but I also increased the pulses and it helped a lot it also made locking more precise.

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    I did wonder if the motor was getting weak but it seems to have been fine since.

    Would changing the motors and/or drivers speed up the movement ? I'm still using the Boxford drivers and motors, but controlled with a PlanetCNC Mk2/4 board.


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    Thanks for the spares link, it helped a lot. We have got inside and the issue seems quite obvious... 😂

    Click image for larger version. 

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