Hi every one.
My name is paul,
I am from wolverhampton, in the west midlands.
Just joined the forum a few days & look forward to learning more about CNC's
I am a woodturner by trade, and have my own home workshop.
But i wanted to start decorating my work with intricate inlay,after seeing what can be achieved with an accurate & robust cnc.
I have looked at guitar, and american pool cue designs,which are amazing!
I wanted to ask for advice on getting my own desktop cnc.
Whether there is a cnc out there that i could buy off the peg as it were,or advice on building a dedicated one( with a lot of help).
Have got the room on my bench for a cnc no bigger than 31" x 23"
I also have the computer ready to go, with all the necessary software - v carve pro, mach 3,Artcam,Aspire.
Would want to upgrade later on to a 4TH axis,
The big question is,could it be done with a budget of 1300.00.
There are so many different makes,and models of cnc router to choose from,it is pretty daunting really.
Any help would be very welcome.