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    Hi Guys
    For some months now when i have gone to youtube and selected a video the video screen appears and i get open video in new tab i have to select this for the video to play, previously i just used to be able to click on the video screen and the video would start, this wasn't any problem.
    However a week or so ago when i followed links from the forum initially that video would play OK(via the open in new tab route)
    but if i try to watch another video from the list on the right i get that title coming up but the video remains the same (ie the initial video from original link) I have the latest version of the flash player but did do a system reset to earlier config some time ago.
    Any body got any ideas i am not very bright in the PC department.

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    Sounds like a browser issue, have you tried reinstalling your browser ? Firefox is the best one I think.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Hi Eddy
    Thanks for your reply
    I am using Firefox and have never had problems before, i do have an Add-on -Better Privacy that blocks some Cookies but it used to work normally even with this installed.

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    Reinstall both.


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    Thanks guys
    Did a fresh install but it must have picked up something from my profile file and video would still not work so had a look round and was trying to remove my profile but it recommended doing a reset so i did and youtube now works as it should.
    Will re-install bookmarks and hope nothing dicks up.
    Thanks again

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