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    Is this a good price for this stuff in the link I will be needing 4 blocks ,two rail maybe not as much as 500mm but there seems to be lots of Chinese listings for the stuff.
    I thought it was made else where like korea or...ta.
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    I've just bought HIWIN rails/blocks from a UK supplier.

    HGW blocks - £32.58 each
    480mm Rail - £40.61 each

    So that works out to about £105.77 including VAT for pretty much the same thing.

    There's a good chance you will have to pay 20% VAT on the imported ones. Some of these Chinese listings are really pushing there luck on some adverts, don't always assume they will be way cheaper than you can buy from a UK supplier.

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    Check Zapp site out Gary had some cheap rails on special offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Check Zapp site out Gary had some cheap rails on special offer.
    Not cheap rails Jazz - good rails at special clearance prices!!! (being pedantic again). G.

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    The best prices on new rails are generally found at Aliexpress. I'd just write an e-mail asking for exactly what you need and send it to lots of sellers on the site. Aliexpress had profile rails long before eBay - I got some from there back in 2012.
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    thanks all.
    I don't assume ian,i will eventually need 12 blocks and 6 rails, length for the x and y to be decided on once I find a suitable replacement milling table, what ive found so far compared to what you paid I will have made a saving getting on for 200 notes.+-
    I was just dubious about quality/getting them from china with them being kings of snide.

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    Another forum post made me aware of a cheap european source for hiwin, /, just completed a small order to check both the quality of the components and the realiability of the store as there were only a few mentions of it online. I'll report back when (hopefully) I receive the goods. Anyone else have experience with the shop?

    The prices are slightly higher than what you would find on aliexpress, but the components are all of the slightly more accurate variety and the wagons come preloaded.

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    Dezaud this is a new one to me, look forward to reading about your findings, thanks for sharing.


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    For a small machine that maybe the case, but for 8x4' ali express os unbeatable by a long run. See for yourself when you add the price of balls crew machining. Cause I buy then together to save on shipping.
    3 times cheaper after shipping and duty!!!

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    A friend of mine is woodcutting machine constructor
    He has an italian supplyer
    He ask an offer for the rails that i want for my machine
    Finally i bought from him.Total 772 euros ( 672 euros +100 euros shipping ). No Vat as the products come from a country of EU.
    This is the answer of the suppplyer.
    1) 2 Linear shafts diam. 20 mm. Length 1840 mm.
    HGR 20 R 01840 H: 92 Euro/piece

    2) 2 Linear shafts diam. 20 mm. Length 1120 mm.
    HGR 20 R 01120 H: 56,28 Euro/piece

    3) 2 Linear shafts diam.20 mm. Length 400 mm.
    HGR 20 R 00 400 H: 20,14 Euro/piece

    4) 12 pieces linear bearings HIWIN diam 20 mm.
    HGH20 CA Z0H: 27,28 Euro/piece
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