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    Hello, and firstly, i apologise if i have placed this advert where it should not be.

    I am looking to have a small metal part made to replace a plastic one that came with an airsoft gun that i recently purchased, however i have no metalworking experience or equipment. of course, i am willing to pay for the services of whoever can produce the part that i need. The part can be made of either Aluminium, Steel, or any other robust metal that will not corrode when exposed to gun greases, lubricants, and the weather.

    At the link below is a model created in Google Sketchup (sorry, I'm a child when it comes to CAD), followed by some dimensioned images of the part that i need (all units are in mm).

    Mediafire Link

    Imgur album of images

    And if it seems a little more professional, there are a couple of DWGs attached to this post for reference.

    If anybody needs more information to work out if that can make it, and how much you would like to charge, please don't hesitate to ask.

    if you are interested, please reply below or send me a personal message/E-mail with your price.

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    Sorry, just realised theres a requests thread hidden away, could an admin/moderator move this post please?


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    I'd have it laser cut and then tig weld the back piece on , wire edm is pricey but your part will be perfect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackrat View Post
    I'd have it laser cut and then tig weld the back piece on , wire edm is pricey but your part will be perfect
    Thanks for the advice. Where is the best place to get this done? And will it be expensive?


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    The part could be machined with a 3 axis milling machine from a piece of angle-section stock.

    - Nick

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    With respect to Blackrat, I wouldn't TIG as there is too much heat going into a small part, you are just asking for distortion, but maybe Blackrat is just a much better welder than me :). I would agree with Nick and 3axis mill. I wouldn't use angle or box section though as they are extruded from a gummier aluminium, go with a block of 6082 T6, the part is small so material will be cheap. Nothing too technical in the drawing though so someone local should be able to sort you out. Start with a block, mill with the "from left" view facing up, saw off, flip and skim to 2.7mm.Might need a basic jig though to prevent chatter by picking up on the hole.
    Best of luck with it.
    On an aside I think you should rename "Front View" as "Back View" for the left/right to be correct. I'm not trying to be a pedantic ass but it's important to prevent ambiguity if you send the part to someone for machining. (But I could be wrong, it might be some 1st/3rd angle thing I missed)
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    Angle, Box, Tube, Plate & Bar are available in the composition of your choice, my supplier only stocks structural grades as standard and so hasn't sold me any "gummy" stock yet ;-)
    Google searching "6082 T6 Angle" reveals many stockists, ringing round might even yield a free or cheap sample large enough for the part in question,

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    I wish I had your supplier local, Nick. I have to use ebay for anything "exotic". :) :).

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    Ah, i may have labelled the front and back incorrectly. My bad :p

    Thanks for the advice so far

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    To machine that outta a billet is gonna be ALOTTA work , what sort or programming costs ?
    If you not keen on the little tab being welded on, then I'd just cut it flat and bend it up

    Biggest problem is most laser cutting places have a minimum order, here is SA it's about 15 but for that you can prolly get 5-10 of them cut, still the cheapest way to do it , IMO ofcourse

    Been tig welding on and off for 15 years .... Can get it right sometimes ;-)

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