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    They just put as many relevant words in the title as they can fit, to get more hits when searched for ...
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    Hey Guys

    Well I have had both experiences on AliExpress. A while ago I bought some tablet PC's to sell about 10 of them before the hype all kicked off with these things and the seller hadn't much feedback on this product but had on others so went for it. I was given a tracking number but it didn't seem to work and after many weeks of trying to contact the seller got more worried each day and then others reviewing started to put things like bad fake seller not had my items. So I contacted the Ali Express system and they gave the seller a certain time to respond when they past there dead line they then agreed to give me my money back. So the Escrow system does work However. because of the difference in time what they don't tell you is you get your money back on the days exchange rate not when you brought it. I lost about 40.00 in the whole experience but from what it could have been I considered myself lucky.

    On the flip side of this I purchased my rails and screws for my CNC from Aliexpress and it couldn't have gone smoother the kit was even on special offer so brilliant.

    I would certainly feel confident in buying from Aliexpress again. but always check the feedback is really good.

    hopefully it make you feel better about buying.



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    Thanks for the review grain_r, good to know the money back guarantees are worth something.
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    This arrived today, got hit with customs charges so in total the package cost around 750. The quality is great cant wait to see if it works as well as it looks.

    Overall very impressed with Aliexpress and the product.
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    Great news, always a relief when importing stuff turns out well. Obviously, we need to see some pictures.

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    I have been using AliExpress for quite some time now and never had any problem with any order unlike ebay which i have had plenty of problems with different items i have ordered.
    on AliExpress as someone else stated the seller does not receive the money until you give feedback stating you have received the item and are happy with it also i have been told if a seller has more than a couple of problems then AliExpress closes their account and will not let them sell on it again until they have sorted out there problem with the buyer.

    also under UK law you get a guarantee from your credit card as you are buying the items from the credit card company and not from the seller so that is another layer of protection for you.

    regards Poppy Ann.

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    Hi Gavz did you get the complete kit for that price or just the rails?

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    Hi Tomnewry,

    750 included delivery, the rails, mirror mounts, laser lens holder, laser tube mounts and both 3:1 reducers plus the 10 mm shafts to join the Y axis rails together.

    You can then add anything between 1500 to 2500 to the total to complete. This would be for stuff like the mirrors, lens, DSP, laser, stepper/servo, frame, z axis table.
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